Social Bookmarking Service

Social bookmarking is a method for web users to store, organise, search, and manage bookmarks of web pages on the Internet with the help of tags or keywords on sites. In SEO, social bookmarking helps a lot in building traffic and creating backlinks to our websites by indexing those web pages that you like most, thus it invites to an audience to view and to share.

Social bookmarking is probably a powerful technique and a great promotional application. It has become a great tool in building web presence and promoting a business on the Internet. The better the placing of the links the better is the SEO. Social bookmarking is quite essential for any SEO campaign. There are various social bookmarking options you can consider such as Facebook, Tweeter, Stumble Upon, Google +, Reddit, Digg, Social bookmarking is great SEO activity to promote your website, but you must post your website information only on quality bookmarking websites.

Social bookmarking is a practice of saving bookmarks on a public website and tagging them with keywords. This can help you get huge traffic and quality backlinks. With social bookmarking, you can add, annotate, edit and share bookmarks of web documents. Besides, you can build backlinks for your website through social bookmarking.

SEO Benefits of Social Bookmarking

  • One of the major benefit of social bookmarking is that your page will be frequented by the search engine robots and indexing the new pages and content on them.
  • It gives you valuable backlinks; links that point to a particular URL will gain attention from search engine robots.
  • Social bookmarking sites give you the opportunity to promote your websites, articles, blog posts, or specific web pages to a vast audience.
  • You can also bookmark or save links to other websites or web pages that you want to reference
  • Social bookmarking gives you the facility to access your saved URL across the internet with your certain login detail. You can also share your favorite URL to your network via social network.

Tips for strong social bookmarking

  • It is always better to create your social bookmarking profile with your name
  • Always create a complete profile with your image and company URL.
  • Avoid making multiple profiles in same website
  • A catchy title and description is always beneficial for social bookmarking
  • Tagging is very important to improve your submission crawling rate.

Social bookmarking also improves your website awareness and branding over internet.